Our son, Jameson, will be going to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh soon. I now see that he could see a Really Terrible Orchestra while he’s there. What a crack up! Here’s the bio of an oboe player there:

George Russell
An oboe player with unbridled enthusiasm and limited talent seeking recognition after 40 years of playing to a grade 3 standard. His claim to musical fame is a last second unrehearsed public performance in 1964 of the 30 bar solo at the start of the 2nd movement of Brahms’ violin concerto. That was the peak of a musical career which has been on the slide ever since.

Doesn’t it make you want to hear him?

Or perhaps not!

But hey, I love the sense of humor, and it does make me want to hear them (and maybe offer a few free lessons to the oboists!).

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  1. Hilda Ramirez

    Oh wow!  That’s the perfect orchestra for me hahaha!