24. July 2005 · Comments Off on Zero · Categories: imported, Ramble

That’s right. Zero shows left. It’s all over. And now it feels as if the time just flew by. Funny how that happens.

Tomorrow I’ll go through withdrawal of course. Or call it a music hangover. Call it whatever you want … but I’ll be going through it! The Day After The Music™ is always difficult for me, and especially so when I’ve done a job that took so much energy. Doing 8 shows a week also mean that we became a bit of a family. So I’ll miss everyone.

I’m so grateful for the work. I’m so thankful that I had seven weeks of good employment. And I’m glad I was involved in this since it is the last time Les Mis, in this form, will ever be in this area. Now I’m hoping to go see the show sometime … it will be in Seattle sometime in this next year so we are hoping to plan a trip up there.

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