Because Drew wrote about him I landed at a site of Robert Levine’s. I played with him in the Midsummer Mozart Festival Orchestra quite some time ago. (I can’t even say for sure how long ago it was, but if he was there prior to our first son’s birth it means it was over 23 years. Yikes!)

So now I’m feeling a tad old (er?).

Ah well. What can one do? Time moves. It never stands still when I wish it so. It only seems to stop when there’s a huge solo that I’m having trouble with!

Isn’t that the way life works?

Anyway, Robert’s site is about the AFM in case you want to check it out.

Meanwhile The Giants are tied with the Cubs and things aren’t looking good. It’s also late and I’m tired. Maybe I’ll go curl up with Harry Potter and just check the score tomorrow morning! (What a horrible fan I am, eh?)

I’m still recovering from Les Mis. I guess it’s going to take some of that always progressing time.