I’ve been going through all my Les Mis reeds. The Reed That Pulled Me Through™ (the sewer solo) is … gasp! … cracked! Now when did that happen? Was it actually cracked when I was using it (and loving it)? I can’t imagine so. I’m pretty confused about this. But I suppose it served it’s time and felt it needed a permanent rest. I will miss that reed, but I will not shed tears.

I will not. I will not. I … hiccup … will … sob … not.

I haven’t played as much as I should have this past week and Sunday I’m playing at a family wedding so the nerves are kicking in, loud and strong. It’s funny, but I get more nervous for these sorts of events than I do for a professional job. I’m not sure why, but there you go … it’s just a fact and I have to deal with it.

No reed fairies have been working at my house. How ’bout yours?