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“Music is an outburst of the soul.

-Frederick Deluis

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I really don’t! But I have recently had some instant message conversations which could have quickly turned into gossip sessions. So let me be frank; if you want to IM me merely to ask if X-oboist is a drunk or if Z-oboist smokes grass, I will not answer. If that’s the only reason you are messaging me try someone else!

One of the big problems in the music biz (and probably any business really) is gossip. We musicians are notorious for gossip, and I have been “guilty as charged” in this. Far too often, in fact. But I try very hard not to discuss things unless they are already in the public eye, and I will not divulge private information or unnecessary information at this site. If I do have something to say about a musician’s behavior because it is something that needs to be discussed since it is helpful to learn the “don’ts” as well as the “dos” (Hmmm. Just where do apostrophes go with those two words?!) I will never name names. It is unnecessary. It is unkind. And it doesn’t do anyone a bit of good.

So I’m sorry if you messaged me recently and I had to (finally, after several suggestions that the gossip had to stop) block you, but I just can’t go there. Gossip does no one any good. If you want to be unblocked you may easily email me and ask to be back on the “okay” list. I hate blocking people, honest and true!