18. August 2005 · Comments Off on Can’t Wait! · Categories: imported, Ramble

Now that my husband, Dan, has been given his birthday present, I can say that I’ll be going to see and hear John Adam’s Dr. Atomic in October! (Yeah, I gave Dan a gift that gifted me as well. Um. Well. It’s still a gift, right?) I’m really looking forward to this, and pretty darn embarrassed to admit that I’ve never attended a San Francisco Opera performance before. (I played some performances with them, many years ago, but paying to hear one is something I’ve not done.)
I think I might listen to what’s available before going, just so I can hear the work better … sometimes it helps to have the music in my ears already, you know? If there were a libretto I’d read that as well, but I suspect that won’t be out.

I was sorry to hear that Lorraine Hunt Lieberson wouldn’t be singing the opera after all, but when doctors say you shouldn’t sing in order to recover from a back injury, I guess you have to follow their instructions. Oh well. I’m still very excited about the opera!

Before this opera, though, I get to have my own little time in the opera pit. We begin rehearsals for Opera San Jose’s The Crucible soon. Yay! Not only am I getting back to my favorite thing, opera, but I’m going to learn something new, as I’ve never done this work before!

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