18. August 2005 · Comments Off on Updating · Categories: imported, Ramble

I’m finally updating some pages at this site. One that I have been working on both yesterday and today is the roster for double reed players in American Symphony Orchestras. I think I’m finally finished, although there are still some question marks; I’m sure I’m missing both orchestras and correct names there.

It’s been interesting to go back and check out the websites of all these orchestras. While I verified the lists, I also noticed how darn ugly some sites are. For arts organizations some folks sure have no eye! I also was frustrated because some are very awkwardly put together … not user friendly at all. And I found it absolutely horrifying to find a few that didn’t even bother to list the orchestra members’ names, while always making sure there was a page noting all their board members and office staff. (Sigh)

Another interesting and disturbing thing was to see the number of names I deleted without replacing that person with a new player! I’m guessing that some orchestras are turning the three player sections (2 oboes and an English hornist, for instance) into two player sections. It’s sad to see this happening.

I’m sure I still have errors on the page. I will gladly accept any emails correcting me, or adding to my orchestra list.

Now I’ll have to get to the other pages listed on my Double Reed Musicians page.

But for now these tired hands need a rest.

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