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The only way to hear great music is live, and we must fight tooth and nail to make sure that live music is available, and appreciated, by coming generations.

– Pliable over at the overgrown path.
(The quote is found in this blog entry.)

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… it was fun to see that I was included in a newspaper’s small list of music blogs.

Kind of makes me feel … I dunno … like maybe people read this thing!

In Other News
it looks like I may have already sold my BAM double case; I have an interested party and we’ll be figuring things out when she returns from a trip. Nice. (She should love the case … it’s really wonderful if you only need a case for the oboe and English horn and don’t need the versatility of the Wiseman.)

Yesterday I received the extra oboe insert. The velvet is purple, while the velvet of the other inserts is a grayish color. I kind of like the difference … makes for a pretty case, actually. I suppose if I’d told Forrests what I already had they’d have matched it … maybe. You never know about Forrests (they won’t work on my instruments because they aren’t instruments they think are worthy. Sigh.)!