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… NOT to say I’m anywhere near as talented as this wonderful violist, mind you!

But there’s an article in the Mercury News, by Richard Scheinin, on Geraldine Walther, the principal violist of the San Francisco Symphony from 1976 until … well, until about now. She’s moving on. To the Takács Quartet. I can’t even imagine what an exciting move this is for her! So click on the article link! (See how nice I am? I give you TWO links to the article in case you missed the first! Two links … for the price of none.) But one of my favorite paragraphs (the “I Know This Feeling” paragraph) says:

But, she adds, “Fear has always been my greatest motivator — fear of making a fool out of myself. Performers — we have all sorts of anxiety dreams: standing up in front of an orchestra and realizing that you have a trombone in your hands, the wrong instrument. Or sitting at a piano — I hardly play the piano — and having to perform the Grieg piano concerto.”

So that paragraph just made me smile.

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I would like to start scheduling UCSC and SCU students’ lessons, but I need your help! Please email me with your Fall schedules so that we can get moving on this.

In other news, and not so very good news at that, I managed to fry the iBook’s hard drive. This means that ALL email that had come in yesterday and before is inaccessible to me until I can afford to have the computer repaired, and even then I will have lost some mail completely. So to ALL who have emailed me this past month, your messages are lost to me now. If you want to resend any messages feel free.

I’m especially concerned about any students who have emailed me recently, and any potential students as well. (This includes potential university students.)

I’ve never had this happen before. I am not a happy camper, but I guess after all these years of using a computer I was “due”. Trouble is, I wasn’t backing up every week, which is tremenously foolish of me. 🙁

You might all take a moment now to back up your computers!

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Beauty in music is too often confused with something that lets the ears lie back in an easy chair.

– Charles Ives