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I was having a nice little conversation via AIM with someone who reads this site. He was saying that the oboe is the most important instrument in the orchestra and I suggested that I didn’t think that way. He reminded me that I have actually said we are.

So now I’m realizing that not all my readers know about my sense of humor, and you can’t hear my delivery of a funny (or not so funny) line. So I guess I should at least include a wink for those of you who don’t know that I’m a tongue-in-cheek sort! Then again, if you don’t get it, you don’t get it. So sorry.

But, just so you all now will know, I have a somewhat twisted sense of humor. I am, after all, an oboist. There’s a lot of pressure in this career. (There’s a lot of pressure on my brain!) I suffer while sitting near the “lesser instruments.” I suffer with conductors. I suffer with oboe reeds. I “suffer in silence” (name the musical that has this line and you get two points).


22. August 2005 · Comments Off on Annoying Audiences · Categories: imported, Ramble

So it’s not just at the opera or symphony … theatre goers can be equally annoying (if not more so). this article will fill you in.

I’ve written before about the CAM (Clueless Audience Member) experiences I’ve had. (See this or this or (yes there are more, but some direct you to other sites) this for example.) But now I’m wondering … are they clueless or do they simply not care. I’m beginning to think it’s the latter.