24. August 2005 · Comments Off on Marigaux · Categories: imported, Ramble

As many of you know, I’m a fan of Marigaux oboes. I had a Loree years ago, and I never felt that it was “mine” as I feel with a Marigaux.

But Marigaux sure has a couple of bizarre oboes! Their site shows a new oboe that has a top joint ending after the octave keys. Talk about a short joint! The middle joint then begins after the octave keys and ends in the usual place. I’m not sure what this change does, but it would be fun to try it. They have another instrument that is clear. Check out the Marigaux 2001 altuglass on the instruments page. Bizarre! The 2010 has a reshaped bell. They will have a couple of models with gold-plated keys, and they’ve redesigned some keys to make them easier on the hands. Of course I can’t even imagine what these oboes will cost.

Some year (I hope!) I’m going to make it to an IDRS convention so I can actually try these instruments.

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