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is BLOGDAY 2005.

Doesn’t that change your life? It sure does mine. Or not. Anyway, I am supposed to recommend some other blogs. I provide plenty ‘o links to the right on my homepage, and I do hope you visit those sites on occasion. Some are much more interesting than mine. Some write so poetically I want to cry (because, try as I might, I have a difficult time writing poetically!). Some teach me new things nearly daily. Some are funny and some are thoughtful and many are both. And some of these bloggers have become long distance friends.

But that’s not exactly what BlogDay is supposed to be about. I guess I’m really supposed to find blogs that are from a different culture, point of view and attitude and recommend them here. Hmmm. Sorry to disappoint, but I am about to get ready for work, and I’m too lazy to look around at blogs right now.

Oh, and the reason for BlogDay to be on August 31? I guess if you look at 3108 (31st of August) in a certain way, it sort of looks like the word Blog. If you use your imagination. The guy who started it all is here and I’ll bet you a bunch that he’s getting a good number of hits today!

So go visit some of the blogs to the left now. Enjoy!

But do come back here too, okay? 🙂

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I am in the process of setting up a page of oboe repair folks. If any readers would like to add to this list, please, oh please, email me! At this point the list is rather small. (I’ll take corrections too. I’m good that way.)

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If you are interested in the opera I’m playing, and even if you can’t afford to go to the opera itself, you could get a little “taste ‘o opera” on September 6. Here’s the info:

The Crucible by Robert Ward

Preview/Lecture (Free)
Tue Sep 6 – noon to 1pm, Wendel Education Center (1st floor) at the San José Museum of Art in downtown San José. Lecturer Larry Hancock will speak on the upcoming performance of Robert Ward’s The Crucible presented by Opera San José from September 10 through September 25 at the California Theatre. Principal artists from Opera San José’s production will sing arias. Co-sponsored by the San José Opera Guild, Opera San José, and the San José Museum of Art. Gerry Pighini (408-275-6199) or at this email address.

We had our first orchestra rehearsal yesterday, and will have another this evening. Singers then join us for the remaining rehearsals. Since this is a new opera for me I am especially frustrated about not being able to see or hear the singers. Will Opera San José ever deem us important enough to at least provide us with monitors? Nearly every musical theatre production I’ve done in San Francisco sets us up with monitors. In my little opinion hearing the singers is even more important for opera. Especially an opera such as this one.

Ah well. Opera is still my favorite gig! The Opera San José orchestra is my favorite orchestra. And the California Theatre is my favorite hall. There you go.