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Yep. We oboists are now “out there” in the great big world. Newsweek uses our tuning the orchestra as and example at the beginning of an article:

Sept. 12, 2005 issue – A little-known fact about a symphony orchestra: the oboe must first sound a particular note for the other instruments to tune accordingly. In the global economy, the United States plays the oboe, setting the tone. And from what you read these days in the editorial pages, you would think that tone is a dirge, defined by the sour twin notes of a “massive” trade and fiscal deficit and the alarming sound of a “record low” savings rate, “sky high” oil prices and a “budding housing bubble.”

How about that?!

I can’t tell you what I think of the article, although I don’t like to think of the oboe as the United States. But I’ve not bothered to even read the rest of the article yet (nor do I usually talk about anything like that at this site anyway). But at least Newsweek readers will now know that we tune orchestras. How ’bout that?

(If you want to actually read the article and see what it’s really about go here.)

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Lives were lost and can’t be replaced. I can’t even imagine the loss and devastation. So donating instruments almost feels silly to me. But a fellow musician reminded me last night that a multitudes of instruments were, most likely, lost due to Katrina. She wondered if I could do some research on how folks could donate instruments if they have some they are able to spare. At this point I’ve not found a way to donate actual instruments, but there are two sites that are music related and take donations. The links are below:


Mr. Holland’s Opus

If anyone has any other news, has information about donating actual instruments, or knows something about these organizations that I should be aware of and wants to fill me in, please email me.