I ran across a blog where the writer mentions The Crucible and I got a kick out of it.

Opera, for me at least, is not something I warm to easily. Puccini, of course, is filled with great and beautiful melodies, and his musical style is very much in keeping with what I enjoy. Mr. Lloyd Webber also enjoys Puccini’s melodies, and has paid homage to them several times, most notably in The Phantom of The Opera, in which a famous strain of music from La Fanciulla del West is quoted note for note in Music of The Night. I am somewhat ashamed to say that I’ve never cottoned to Verdi, nor have I rayoned or nyloned to him either. Same with the operas of Mozart. My first experience with opera (if I have written about this previously please forgive me, but I am senile) came about in a funny way. I was, as a teen, very fond of the play The Crucible by Mr. Arthur Miller. One day, while browsing at Phil Harris Records in Hollywood, California, I saw a boxed set of LPs that said The Crucible. I, of course, immediately assumed it was a spoken word album of the play, but when I picked it up I discovered it was, in fact, an American opera adapted from the play by composer Robert Ward. Now, remember, I was young, I didn’t know from opera and I didn’t know from Robert Ward. But being the impetuous youth I was I purchased it. And do you know what? It was glorious, filled with exquisitely beautiful music. I became a life-long fan of Mr. Ward, and actually got to meet him several years ago. You’ll be happy to know that my close personal friend, Mr. Stephen Sondheim, is also a fan of Mr. Ward. The good news is that The Crucible is available on CD on the Albany label, which you will find under “Ward” (not B.J.) in the classical section of your music store. It’s worth seeking out.

I like knowing that Sondheim is a fan of Robert Ward, as I’m a fan of both and … well … let’s see, if I’m a fan of them would they be fans of me?

Um. Okay. That was a stretch. I do apologize! I just want a fan. Just one. Is that asking too much? 😉


  1. Well, I’ve not heard your playing… but I’m a fan of your writing.  🙂  Is that close enough for you? 


  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Yes, that WILL do! I’ve signed you up. Thank you ever so much, Sarah!

    (I’ll try not to jump up and down and scream “I have a fan, I have a fan!” for too long. But heck, I’m home alone tonight so I’ll allow myself just a bit ‘o screaming time.)