Listening to the breathtaking music Howard Shore created [for “Lord of the Rings”] is like seeing the movie time and time again. You just close your eyes, open your ears and the whole film unfolds before you. Howard’s work is incredibly visual, evocative and narrative.

-Paul Broucek, Executive Vice President of Music at New Line Cinema

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  1. This music-lover and Tolkien fan found Howard Shore’s music to be
    dreary if competent Hollywood hackwork, good enough to keep the movie
    rolling but profoundly inferior to the depth and complexity of the
    story it was trying to tell.  Also, he used imitation cod-Irish
    folk music to represent hobbits, which would have infuriated Tolkien,
    who thought the real-world analogues of hobbits were English.  But
    he’s only the author.

    Since I found the movies rather tedious also (I can spend delighted
    days re-reading the book, but the prospect of spending 9 hours to watch
    the movies again fills me with ennui), the prospect of seeing them
    again through listening to that increasingly (as it goes on, and on)
    music is equally lacking in delight.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    I know you are a Tolkien expert. I also know that most Tolkien experts hate the movies.

    I’m no expert. Not even close. In anything. So there you go. (Or there I go!)

    I like the music. I like the movie. I just do. I don’t argue with those who don’t … especially experts in music, movies and Tolkien! I just agree to disagree and figure I could very well be wrong and I am always willing to admit it.

    Confidence is not my middle name. It’s not anywhere IN my name. You can probably see that, though.

    Hmmm. I hope not all my posts get you angry! 🙂