… and is classical music stuffy simply because no one “dances in the aisles” or boos or hisses? Does this really imply “smugness”? In addition, is stuffiness what results in some people dressing to the nines to attend a concert. Should people dress up for a concert?

It’s been interesting to read thoughts about this from M. Keiser, and then others, at Music in a Suburban Scene on classical music and what he calls stuffiness.

Lynn, from Reflections in d minor says “I ineptly attempt to defend seriousness.” (She’s wrong; she is not inept!) And that brings up another question; is what is seriousness to one person stuffiness to another? Oh … and is this a generational thing? (M. Keiser is a college student, Lynn and I are just slightly older.)

And are we looking for the same sort of reaction to symphonic music as, say, a rock singer wants at his or her live performance?

I’m tossing out these questions. I’m not answering them all right now.

I can tell you that when I’ve worked long and hard on a difficult work I prefer that the audience doesn’t stand through the concert, yelling, singing along, dancing and talking with friends. I’m sorry to disappoint some of you, but I really do want you to listen. Doggone it, I’ve worked hard. If you show up I assume you’ve come to listen. Listening isn’t easy. Many have lost that skill. Rock concerts are different; people go, I think, for the overall experience. They usually already know the songs. The performers seem to encourage singing along. Heck they are so amplified you couldn’t cover them up if you tried. My music? No microphones. No amplifiers. No fireworks (most of the time).

Do I care how you dress? Nope. But do please shower! Actually do that if you go to a rock concert or movie too … I went to a movie a few years back and wound up sitting next to a man that smelled so bad I was nearly gagging. With a smelly neighbor it’s difficult to breathe OR pay attention. Really.

Now I must admit that if you are going to a huge premiere of a “classical something” and paying $200 bucks a ticket, dressing up is probably recommended. That’s just the way it is most of the time. It’s a big shindig. Don’t wear your thongs (the feet kind) t-shirt and jeans.

All in my opinion, of course.

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I own an iPod, but right now it’s on semi-permanent loan to our 16 year old son. Why? Because I can’t use it in my car very easily. (Those radio hook ups don’t really work all that well.) So reading this:

With digital music players becoming more ubiquitous, Volkswagen AG is offering a stereo component that lets motorists plug in all manner of portable digital players — not just iPods — and manage their tunes and podcasts on a dashboard display.

… makes me say “Yes!” (along with “Finally!”).

More here.