There are some fiction books that have to do with music. Some are hysterical because they are so bad — clearly the author did little or no research on what our lives are really like. Others are fairly good and worth the time. (Actually I enjoy reading the good and the bad; the bad are so entertaining they are often worth my time too!) Via James Reel’s blog I found a link to an Amazon page about some of these novels. Of course one thing leads to another. I then found another page called A Knife at the Opera (hah!). I’m guessing I’ll be taken to more of these pages if I only spend the time.

Some novels will revolve entirely around music, while with others the music is there but so is a whole lotta “other” (As if “other” exists! Just kidding … here’s the wink 😉 … so don’t take me seriously please!) When I get home and have time to look on my bookshelf I think I’ll start my list of “music books” I’ve loved. I can tell you that John Hassler’s Rookery Blues was great fun and dealt with both music and academia, nailing the stereotype profs pretty well. Robertson Davies is fabulous and you simply have to read The Cornish Trilogy — his other trilogies are great, too. (Please note: I don’t recommend these for younger readers. Adult subject matter.)


  1. Patty–

    I hesitate to recommend anything that I haven’t finished, but I’m enjoying Richard Powers’ Gold Bug Variations quite a bit.  There’s substantial musical content.

  2. I recently read The Student Conductor by Robert Ford, which is about an American in Germany, studying Brahms and hooking up with an East German oboist; here’s the Amazon page. This past summer I read a book by Anthony Rudel, son of conductor Julius Rudel, called “Imagining Don Giovanni.”
    Mozart and Da Ponte are a bit stuck, so Casanova shows up to help them
    get the creative juices flowing. Both books were sort of guilty
    pleasures, but still fun. Happy reading!

  3. Patricia Mitchell

    I read the Ford as well. I’m starting to put my list together. There’s actually a huge list of books that include musicians and/or have a “music plot”. Many are mysteries. Go figure! (We are a mysterious lot, of course.) 😉

    I’ll have to pick up the Rudel. Thanks!

  4. Patricia Mitchell

    I’ll have to look for that one, Steve. Thanks!