03. October 2005 · Comments Off on Today · Categories: imported, Ramble

  • I checked my email. While still in bed. (Is that pathetic or not? I’m really not sure!)
  • I did a bit of web browsing. I avoided reading anything related to Dr. Atomic
  • I showered and did all that “stuff”.
  • I ate my raisin bran.
  • I tried out a reed to make sure it would work now that I have a bit more important to play at today’s concerts.
  • I went to the hall to play for the kiddie concert.
  • I played the “snake charmer” tune for the kids at the first concert. They laughed.
  • I went to get coffee in between shows. As a few colleagues and I sat in the shop and were yakking the fire alarm went off. It was incredibly loud. With aching ears we left.
  • I played “the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out” tune for the second concert. The conductor requested I play the snake charmer again after I finished “worms”. Snake wins over worms.
  • I learned that the bassoon is a “Harry Potter like instrument.” At least according to one person.
  • I did not invent a new mini-cadenza for the Beethoven. Either show.
  • I met a new oboist to the area, and he played the kiddie shows. (Hi Mike!) It was great to meet him and he’s a very good player as well as a nice guy.
  • I got home at about lunch time. (Well, really it was 12:45 which might be late for some folks.)
  • I checked email and responded to the ones that needed responses.
  • I checked all the music blogs I like. I avoided all things Dr. Atomic. This mean I had to ignore some of those blogs. (I just don’t want to know to much before I see and hear it on Sunday.)
  • I put the laundry in the wash and folded the laundry from the dryer.
  • I paid lots of bills. Lots. (I love online bill pay!)
  • I balanced various accounts. Everything balanced. Ta-da!
  • I straightened up a few things.
  • I sat down to lunch … finally … at 3:00.

This is the day in the life of yours truly. Not very exciting, is it? (I have one friend — hi Debbie! — who works full time out in the “real world” AND plays in more groups than I do. How does she do it? I sure don’t know!) Now it’s time to think of dinner, get that going, and pick up the oboe again. I have a recital in a month and a few days. I have a symphony concert that will probably be an English horn set for me. So it’s double duty for reeds right now.

Or you all could send me some. Just because.

This blog was brought to you by procrastination. 😉