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So ACB asked, in regards to the post below, “Well… which is it?!”

My response: Heh. In these postmodern times shall I say that it is up to the reader to determine what it is and whatever he or she decides is correct?

That gets me off the hook, anyway! 😎

Seriously, I go back and forth on what it is. Some days I think I have a bit to say and then I can confidently (well, as confidently as this insecure person can be) say that it’s “insight”. Some days it’s merely that the oboe is out and I can see it.



Begging me to give it attention.

And sometimes it’s both: The oboe is clearly in sight. I’m practicing. Things feel good. The oboe and I are one instrument. And insights arrive.

Those are the best of days.

But I still love seeing what other bloggers call the site. And I am happy with whatever they do, honest and true. I am just delighted to be listed at others’ sites.

In checking out the sites of those who link to this, I see some list me as “Oboe Insight”. (Others just leave it at “oboeinsight” as I show it above.)

How do they know it’s not “Oboe In Sight”?

Just wondering.

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From October third’s ArtsJournal.com: “August Wilson And Colorblond Casting”.

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Musicians love good food. And of course we love good music. So this guy (assuming he’s a good cook and good singer) really appeals to me. 🙂

(Did I post this already? I don’t see it, and yet I was certain that I’d put it up. If it’s a duplicate, please do excuse!)

You can listen to a segment on Weekend America about Pedro Diaz, the new English hornist of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. go here select hour 2, and go to 23:00. Listen!

“We all have these dual personalities. We have our talent and then we have our self-doubt. We’re all questioning what we can do. Finally my real talent itself was able to show.”

-Pedro Diaz

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Thank you, Heather for reminding me of what music will do for me! I’ve been in a bit of a mood lately, a bit too cynical and a bit weary, and sometimes I forget. But what you wrote

He held my hand, with sincerity, and escorted me directly into the musical and poetic world. I felt the snowflakes, the icy chill, and the heaviness of a broken heart. I dreamed nostalgically when we stopped at the linden tree, and though I wanted to run away from the hurdy-gurdy man, I followed his mesmerizing tune towards the inevitable.

— brought me back to where I want to be.

So far we are 2 for 2 … both reviewers write positively about their Symphony Silicon Valley experience this past Saturday night. Here’s Mr. Bratman’s review. Do I agree with their reviews? Will I ever tell? Guess you’ll have to keep checking here to find out. 😉

Mr. Bratman mentions the creation of a new mini-cadenza in Beethoven’s Fifth, which was written by our principal oboist, Pamela Hakl. I liked what she wrote and, as always, she played beautifully. I’m still not sure I think it’s what the composer intended, but our conductor for the week insisted that it was. It’s always a bit of a risk for the player to follow the conductor’s request with something like this, but that is what we, as orchestra members, are required to do. I’m not sure that the first reviewer even knew that anything was different about the work; he certainly didn’t mention it if he did!