(Did I post this already? I don’t see it, and yet I was certain that I’d put it up. If it’s a duplicate, please do excuse!)

You can listen to a segment on Weekend America about Pedro Diaz, the new English hornist of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. go here select hour 2, and go to 23:00. Listen!

“We all have these dual personalities. We have our talent and then we have our self-doubt. We’re all questioning what we can do. Finally my real talent itself was able to show.”

-Pedro Diaz


  1. Hi Patty —

    I ordered some oboe reeds from Pedro Diaz last year. Didn’t know I was buying reeds from a famous player . . . I’m glad to know things are working out for him. (His reeds didn’t work out for me, though. Sigh. Another one to cross off the list — reed makers, that is).

    Actually, I have been using reeds from Kerry Willingham (http://www.reedmaker.com) for the past 10 months, and I am VERY happy with them.

    Want me to send you one? What strength?


  2. Dear Susan,

    So sorry to find out the reeds didn’t work out. You are not the only one, I did get a few bad apples out there at some point during my 5 year little enterprise. Heck, it happens even when I make them for myself!…It’s a humbling occupation, to make reeds for someone else; you never know what will happen once you put that new reed in the tube and ship it out!  I wanted you to know that in the very few cases that someone had objections to the  reeds they got from me, they either got replacements or a refund. Even though I am out of the reed business,  I would be happy to make it up to you. Email me!

    By the way: that interview was very improvised and I rambled on way too much. My appologies for all the babbling 🙂

    Regards and congrats to Patricia for the exellent blog

  3. Patricia Mitchell

    Hello Mr. Diaz. I’m sort of in a “wow state” that you would post to my blog! 🙂

    Susan wrote that entry last year … I don’t know if she’ll read your reply, but I can send it on as I have her email address if you’d like.

    Someone wrote to me to say you were in another orchestra now … wondering if that’s true and if I need to update my orchestra roster list.

    Thank you for dropping by, and for such kind words about the blog!

  4. Hi Patricia:

    Yes, please; do send my response to Susan. I am very grateful to everyone I have encountered in this great thing we call life and selling reeds was a wonderful experience (for a while anyway )and got to meet some exellent people . If I can close that chapter with a clean record, then, even better so. What you heard about me going elsewhere was mostly a rumor. I am staying put at the Met, really enjoying working there. You might have to end up changing the roster anyway as we lost a great colleague: Eugene Izotov, to another wonderful orchestra.





  5. Patricia Mitchell

    Message sent! Haven’t heard back, though.

    I had heard about Eugene Izotov; I still need to update my site, so thanks for the reminder!