I said I’d post on Dr. Atomic, and yes, I’m still thinking on it. And I certainly wish I could see it again, but that’s not going to happen — the pocketbook is light and while I have the time I don’t have the beer money. (Don’t get the joke? You are young. Or you didn’t listen to advertisements back “in the day.”*)

But anyway, here are some thoughts (and I don’t think I’m spoiling anything, but if you haven’t seen it yet you may want to wait to read this):

  • Still a huge awed “wow” (I hate that word … gotta think of something else) for the end of the first act. I want to hear and see that again and again. And again.
  • I was disappointed in the chorus, but I don’t believe it is the chorus’s fault at all. (Do I need that s for the possessive?) I’m just used to sitting in a location where I get nearly the full volume of a chorus and moving from the pit to the Dress Circle means that the volume is diminished. So it didn’t quiet do the “shiver thang” that I am used to. Heck … I’m really spoiled, being a performer! Especially when I’m on stage and get drowned in sound, but even the pit is great when the chorus sings. (I no longer can say I get the best seat in the house when it comes to the solo singers, as I can’t hear them enough. And I’ve harped on this before. If we never get monitors I’m going to keep harping. Which, I suppose, makes me a very annoying harpist.)
  • The lighting. The lighting. The lighting. Incredible
  • I didn’t get Pasqualita’s frond thing toward the end. I’m sure it had some sort of meaning, but it was the sort of thing that causes some to snicker and some to go “huh?” (I am the “huh” sort.)
  • I’m still thinking over the end. Since some audience members would understand what is being said at the end, I think we maybe should get supertitles there. But I go back and forth on that one. I must admit that in my head I had a notion of what was being said and, of course, I may have been totally wrong, but I created a “moment” and it worked for me. Maybe they wanted us all to have our own idea of what was being said. But since some speak Japanese some folks actually do know, while some of us who are language idiots don’t.

*Why do primarily “kids”** who are in their early 20s say “back in the day” these days. I mean … they’ve hardly had any “back in the day” days. Geesh.

**I never thought I’d reach the day when I call 20-ish people “kids”. Double Geesh.


  1. Hi.  How was Gerald Finley?  He’s a singer I love.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    He was wonderful. I can see why you’d love him!