I wish to share and pass down some of my generation’s traits, and encourage young people to create their own art, music, and literature.

-David Amram


  1. Hmmm… I don’t know about young people creating their own art, but I just discovered something rather entertaining.  My friend has a baby who is *cringe* teething, so he is not a happy camper.  We discovered quite by accident today that, as long as I was playing to him, he would stop crying. Whenever I would stop playing, he would start again.  This went on for a good hour until he finally fell asleep.  I was just wondering if you’d had any experience with oboe soothing the savage beast *erm* child.  🙂

    Sorry about the off-topic-ness of this… just curious though.


    PS he seems to be particularly fond of the lower register.  🙂

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Oh … I do hope that young people continue create art; my own children have done so and I love seeing what they do!

    But no, I’ve never heard of oboe being soothing to young ones; it, in fact, bugged my kids when they were quite little (but I didn’t let that stop me!). That’s quite unusual. But yay for you!