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As you can see at my performance schedule page, I don’t have any performances for a while. I have had, in fact, no performances since the last symphony concert on October 2 and won’t have another performance until October 29. So that’s a long time. It’s actually too long of a break for my taste. (I prefer one week, max.)

So what do I do?

Well, I try to do a lot of things. I try to get the house straightened up. (It always takes a nose dive when I’m busy.) I try to get some reeds going. (Don’t ask me if I’ve done that yet. Please. But SEND REEDS if you feel so inclined. If you need my PO Box it’s easy to find!) I continue to teach at the universities and privately (which I love). I catch up on anything I need to catch up on. I do big projects if I have the energy and money. (Nope. Not this time. I need to paint a few rooms, but they’ll have to wait for a few more paychecks.) And, well, it’s the end of the baseball season so I watch the playoff games even though my favorite team wasn’t up to snuff this year.

I also have a whole lot of practicing to do. For the next Symphony Silicon Valley set I’m playing English horn, and it’s been quite a while (aside from the run of Les Miserables, which only has a bit of English horn and has nothing scary) since I’ve played it. I also have a recital coming up and the Françaix and Poulenc have their difficult moments. I really love both of the works, along with the sweet Ibert, so I’m excited to do them, but I also want to have them down so well that even if someone streaked through the hall or threw a pie at me I’d play them without error. Following that i will be playing Un ballo in maschera with Opera San Jose and I’m really looking forward to that!

So there you go … that’s what I do and what’s coming up in my life.

Oh. And I write here. Quite a bit, if you ask me. Maybe more than anyone cares to read! (How many DO read? I wonder! I get a good number of hits, but it could be that people land here by mistake. I don’t hear all that often from readers, so who knows?)

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Just go here!

I found this page the day I forgot to bring my metronome to campus with me. It was quite handy, since teaching in a room that had a computer available.

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My husband, Dan, just said “Donax, don’t tell,” which cracked me up. (The cane we double reed players use is Arundo Donax, and I was explaining that to him.)

Yes, this is our family humor. 🙂

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The wise musicians are those who play what they can master.

-Duke Ellington