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There was a review that mentioned (yet again … he’s getting quite popular) my friend and former colleague, Jason Sudduth. Here’s the paragraph:

Czech folk-like elements and idiomatic ingredients permeate Dvorák’s music. The third movement, “Furiant” (a Czech couple-dance), and the finale moved at great speed, without compromising the phrasing. The orchestra had a charming pastoral sound with Susan McGinn’s flute, Erica Peel’s piccolo, Jason Sudduth’s French horn and Paul Barret’s bassoon.

Trouble is, Jason plays English horn.

Ah well. It’s still one to clip. (Yes, we do need to save these things.)

Anyway, yay for Jason!

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Yep, breasts aren’t the only mp3 players around.

A Dutch oboist/composer created a soothing pillow for Dutch soldiers in Iraq and Kosovo.

I would think coming home and using one’s own pillow would be much more of a comfort. And a much better idea. But what do I know?

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An artist is a person who lives in the triangle which remains after the angle which we may call common sense has been removed from this four-cornered world.

-Natsume Soseki, The Three-Cornered World

(Quote located here, at Terry Teachout’s site.)