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And why didn’t they encore the Fugue? That alone should have been repeated! Cattle! Asses!

-Beethoven (His comment when the audience didn’t call for encores after his fugue, while they did so for middle movements of his string quartet, Opus 130.)

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When a parent warns a child about something, and then the child goes ahead and does the “something” and suffers the consequences, the parent hurts with the child. Deeply. Saying “I told you so” is not something a parent enjoys and is not a good idea. I can promise you I try not to say that, although I’m sure I’ve blown it at times.

But I wonder … some (not all, mind you!) of those who have been blogging or writing books about the death of orchestras … it seems as if saying “I told you so” is a must, and there seems to be a sort of reveling in the problems orchestras suffer, and even an unhealthy excitement when an orchestra bites the dust.

I could be wrong. But that’s how it seems to me.

Maybe it’s because these doomsayers aren’t all that concerned about the injury or death. How many of these people are actually personally involved in the orchestra scene? How many are musicians? How many have a love for the orchestra? How many have lived on a typical musician’s income?

I’m just thinkin’ ….