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Then there’s a Hans Christian Andersen opera by Elvis Costello. You can read this, this, or this article as well.

I guess I just have opera on the brain today. Or something. And yes, I know this isn’t really new news. Does news have to be new to be news?

Hmmm. I guess so.

Okay, this is old news. You can live with that, yes?

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Music is actually too difficult for musicians. It should be left to the music critics, for whom no problem is too difficult.

-Stevens Hewitt

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Yep. Whatever “modern rock opera” means. (Can a “rock opera” not be modern? Is there a “classical rock opera” or a “ancient rock opera” or even an “oldies rock opera”?)

Anyway … Bewolf has been turned into one of these.

Just an FYI. No more than that.