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I’m at “my” Santa Clara coffeeshop and it’s time to relax, enjoy my coffee and scone—I don’t usually eat here, but last week a colleague told me the scones were great and I should try one. I’m not one to disobey! 😉

So anyway, it’s relaxation time, prior to teaching time, prior to reed panic time (I’m having reed woes … as always) and more teaching.

I’m reading a link sent from an IDRS member; it’s about the lack of freelance work in Pittsburgh, now that the ballet there is using canned music and other groups are struggling. But that’s not what I’m “hah-ing” about. Read this:

Recently, she played the basset horn in Mozart’s Granpastita, a famous chamber music piece

This is just too funny! I nearly laughed out loud … but I’m trying to appear normal and I don’t want to frighten all the other folks here. (Side note: LOTS of Mac users nearby.) So I merely grinned. A lot. (They clearly need a better proofreader; that wasn’t the only typo in the article, although it was probably the most forgivable for non-musicians.)

“Granpastita” sounds sort of like something you’d eat, doesn’t it? I’d like it with a glass of red wine, please. And maybe some garlic bread, although I’ll pay for that later!

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