04. November 2005 · Comments Off on What’s Wrong With This Picture? · Categories: imported, Ramble

Check it out. (Top right hand corner.)

Can you figure it out? 😉

(Update on 1/15/06: the picture has been changed. It had shown a flutist. Trouble was, they put the picture up backwards, so her flute was going the wrong direction!)

I ran across this faux pas because I’m spending a whole lot of time going through the College Board’s list of schools that offer music programs. This time consuming chore of putting together the list of university, college and conservatory instructors’ bio links has been interesting. Some schools have a music faculty of four. Some don’t list the faculty at all. A great number don’t list the private instruction teachers (often known as adjunct faculty), and some that do don’t provide bios or email. If I were looking for a place to go, and planned on taking lessons in a particular instrument, I’d sure want to see who was teaching and whether the instructor looked qualified.

And back to work I go ….