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All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music.

-Walter Pater

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… to continue with Verdi talk … at the end of the opera it does seem to go ethereal on us. At least to this small mind. And of course the harp plays at that point. Good old ethereal harp.

We’ve now had rehearsals with both casts. I can barely hear some of the singers, and at this point they were just standing still and singing. I do wonder what will happen when it’s all put together. I will do my typical grumping about not having sound monitors. I want them! There. I’m done now. (Pretty painless bit ‘o grumping, if you ask me.)

We have a banda for this opera. Finally! Due to the miniscule backstage area in our old hall we never used the banda, but had to play the parts from the pit. It was always difficult, because we were supposed to sound distant. So this is a real treat, and great fun to hear! (Yes, I can hear the banda much more than I can hear the singers.)

Anyway, that’s it on the Verdi news for now. Have you bought your tickets yet? 🙂