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In doing the searching for names to fit on this page of oboeinsight I have found some of the ugliest sites ever. Well, maybe not ever; I’ve found that the Poetry sites of many are a bit on the uglier side of ugly (and the least poetic poetry I’ve ever read is there as well). But really … are some universities so lame they can’t hire anyone decent to do their sites for them?

And the pictures. Oh the pictures! I won’t embarrass anyone here (because I could easily become as embarrassed by some of my own pictures), but some of the faculty photos are hysterical! One school appears to have put their faculty members up against a stark white wall and snapped pictures. Some folks there look terrified. Others just look like convicts. If a school is willing to put up pictures wouldn’t you think they’d at least make sure they weren’t scary?

Now not all college sites are bad, mind you. And I’m not going to point out here which sites I think are abominable. I’m just sayin’ …

And then … then there are so many schools that have voice, violin, piano, flute, trumpet, guitar … the list goes on … teachers. Some even have bagpipe teachers. But those same schools don’t list an oboe or bassoon teacher. What’s up with that? If they offer a music major it would seem to me that they would have to have someone to teach the double reeds on their list. Maybe that’s asking too much though. I suppose bagpipes are a bigger draw.

Which reminds me … years and years ago a very sweet man sponsored my English horn chair in the San Jose Symphony (RIP). He really was a dear man, and even sent us a silver rattle when our first child was born. But he did tell me English horn was his choice because it was the closet thing to his favorite instrument—the bagpipe! I DO like bagpipes, btw, so don’t think I’m coming down hard on them, but surely the EH is better? Listen to the slow movement of the Ravel Piano Concerto. Listen to the slow movement of Rodrigo’s Concerto de Aranjuez. Listen to Mahler’s Rückert Lieder. you KNOW I’m right! If you don’t think so, find a bagpipe player and ask him or her to play the English horn solos from those works. I know you’ll agree then!

G’night. (I’m getting awfully goofy—I’m clearly up too late and I have to work in the morning.)

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