14. November 2005 · Comments Off on These Darn Reeds! · Categories: imported, Ramble

At the beginning of opera today I was in love with my reed. The opening of Un Ballo has some picky little oboe stuff that is in unison with the flute or clarinet or both. I was feeling pretty darn good about how things were going.

Bad idea!

The minute I start feeling comfortable I should know bad news is around the corner, yes?

The reed decided to misbehave. It wasn’t responding as well. It was doing bizarre intonation things. And I had to pull out something else to finish up the opera.

Ah well. This is the way of the oboist. Our lives often revolve around our reeds. So do our moods. So tomorrow it’s another reed day. Fun, fun, fun! Who could ask for a better day than a reed making day? (If you think I really mean that you don’t know me very well!)

The opera itself is going okay, but tonight was the night for strange mistakes on some players’ parts. I figure this is good, since it’s better to make the mistakes during rehearsals so we don’t allow them to happen in performance.

Opening night is November 19. That’s already an important day. If you don’t know why, too bad for you! 😉

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