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… and it doesn’t appear that the barrista is either, but I’m sitting at the Barefoot Coffee Roasters and enjoying a nice double latté and a fairly pleasant atmosphere. Some of the chairs make me think of Kelsey and one of her high school art pieces; these chairs are whimsically painted (or are they painted whimsically? Hmmm. Or maybe both?). There is real art on the walls. I’m sitting on a leather couch that you sort of fall into (seeing me get back up (or out, really!) might be a bit humorous to watch). The coffee was served in a very large and arty looking cup, and the milk was poured in to make a lovely design. The music … not sure what it is … some sort of honky tonky stuff maybe? (This is where I show my lack of knowledge when it comes to music—I can tell you it isn’t pop, isn’t classical, I don’t think it’s jazz … but there’s sax, piano, bass, drums and a singer and it’s fun to listen to and a sort of “knee slapping” music. I know it’s not really blues, and it’s not what I think of as jazz. But, well, I’m an oboe player … what the heck do I know?!)

So I’m missing my Santa Cruz Coffeetopia morning, but at least I’ve replaced it with this. I knew if I didn’t go somewhere I’d be feeling sorry for myself all day and the only thing worse than an oboist worrying about reeds is an oboist worrying about reeds and feeling sorry for herself! 😉

No Santa Cruz today. No UCSC. It would have been lovely there—I can’t believe the wind here, and the exquisite clear blue sky. The leaves are wildly blowing, and they are in those wonderful colors (no one takes special trips to see “the colors” here but they are pretty darn stunning for those of us who haven’t seen the “real stuff”). I do wonder if I’ll come home to a jacaranda branch broken and damaging our roof or the neighbor’s garage. Oh well. I’ll see soon enough, and I’ve worried about this for years and it’s yet to happen. Over the hill I’m guessing it’s pretty spectacular and the sort of day I’d have used my camera. But no lessons at UCSC means no drive means no buying gas means a bit of money saved. (And Sara, I hope you get well soon!)

After my little “vacation” it’s back home to reeds and messy rooms and more reeds and a vacuum and more reeds and then who knows? I actually wind up having a “day off” although, being a oboe playing musician, we really don’t get “days off” because if we aren’t working we need to work on reeds.

I know, I know … all I really do is “play”. 😉

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