I suppose I was due to slice an index finger again. Sigh.

Oh well, at least this time I have a few days to recover; no opera until Saturday night. Still, bleeding all over the iBook keyboard isn’t a pretty sight. And cooking tomorrow might be a bit interesting … don’t want to bleed all over the brussels sprouts as I prepare them. (Yes, we have brussels sprouts on Thanksgiving. Add a bit of nutmeg and lemon juice to the water, boil the sprouts, and what a delight!)

In Other News
I read that Elvis Costello is doing some sort of orchestra tour. Now that would be sort of fun, don’tcha think?

Okay. Maybe you don’t think so. But I do.

Unfortunately the first venue listed is San Francisco. It’s doubtful, then, that he’d come down here and do anything. Ah well. That’s life in the big (but not as popular as San Francisco) city.


  1. Brussels sprouts are referred to a “spitballs” at my house. I’ll have to try the nutmeg/lemon juice thing. Mmmmmm SPITBALLS!

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    The lemon juice rids the sprouts of any bitterness, or at least that’s what I’ve been told (and we don’t have bitter sprouts). Hmmm. Maybe I’ll post this on the blog in case others don’t know …