29. November 2005 · Comments Off on Ouch! · Categories: imported, Ramble

Something is up with my ears. This isn’t exactly new, but today I’m going to write about it. Just because. (“Just because” is one of my favorite reasons for something. Who can argue, after all?)

I woke this morning and knew the ears weren’t happy campers. Now I’m at “my” Tuesday morning coffee shop and all I can say is … “Ouch!” When I arrived here I thought, “Do they have to have the bass turned up so darn high?” But then someone dropped an umbrella. And another person dropped his keys. And it hit me—it’s not the bass, it’s my EARS. Every sound is horrendously loud. It’s as if everything has been amplified to pain level.

At times I”ve gotten out of bed and felt a bit woozy and had ear troubles and I’ve always chalked it up to my “Tylenol PM nights”. But last night I went without (and slept fairly well too) so I can’t blame it on that. I do realize I’ve always had sensitive ears—cold air on the ears is extremely painful and any wind and I’m a goner, so I suppose it’s just the way I’m made and nothing is to be done about it. Funny, though, that I’m reacting here and now, and I don’t have this trouble in an orchestra pit. Go figure.

Okay. Ramble over and out. This was all unimportant but I’m good at unimportant so there you go.

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