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It has been a very rainy day, and the rain is continuing to fall. As I walked back to the car after tonight’s opera I remembered to open the umbrella only after walking about 20 feet. I guess that’s what three hours of opera does to my brain!

The audience was quite receptive tonight, or so it seemed to me. I’m enjoying playing Un Ballo but I think I’m ready to move on soon; time for something new! (I also find it extremely difficult to come back when we’ve had such a long break; prior to tonight our last performance was this past Sunday. Somehow I was letting go of the opera before it was letting go of me, I guess!)

We have a performance tomorrow night and then another on Sunday. In between I’m going to go hear L’Histoire du Soldat and I’m really looking forward to that. (I blogged about the performance at the bottom of this entry, in case anyone is interested.)

One Bit Of Information
… well, or maybe it’s two, really: Some of you have tried to sign up as members of this site and haven’t been able to do so. I do apologize! I know my husband (master of all things computer and website related for yours truly since I’m a computer idiot) is aware of the problem and I’m hoping he can figure out what’s up. I’ve also had at least two people email me to say they were blocked from the site entirely. I’m really sorry about that, and we are working on that problem as well. (“We” meaning Dan, of course!) Of course if you’ve been blocked from viewing the site you can’t even read this apology. I’d apologize for that as well, but I suppose it’s rather pointless, yes?

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I always play music that I like. If you don’t play music that you like, it sounds like it. It’s easy to learn something and then play it. But if you don’t really love it, what have you got?

-Earl Wild

Happy (slightly late) Birthday, Mr. Wild! (born November 26, 1915)