I just received an email from Encumbrance D. Communicator. I cannot tell you how excited this makes me!

In other, somewhat less exciting news*, I really enjoyed the concert I went to tonight. We heard a new composition called Ferdinand the Bull (yes, the children’s book) for cello, piano and narrator (Roscoe Lee Brown) which was delightful. Also was the hilarious B. B. Wolf for string bass (who also narrates). And, finally, L’Histoire du Soldat, including narration and played by some wonderful musicians. Sadly there wasn’t much of an audience. I hadn’t really seen any publicity, and I’m sorry our local paper didn’t think to promote such a fun concert.

It’s so rare that I actually get to go out and hear a professional performance, and I’m so glad I made it to this one. It was, however, absolutely freezing in the church; I can’t believe the musicians could play so well, and so in tune, when they were dealing with the chill. My feet were numb (still are, in fact), I wore my wool coat, and had my mittens on. And to think this was in San Jose! It’s not like we are in the cold country!

Tomorrow is the final opera performance. Then it’s on to Mozart and Tchaikovsky with Symphony Silicon Valley. I’ll be playing principal since our orchestra’s principal oboist is soloing in the Sinfonia Concertante.

*For those who don’t catch my wit, wisdom and occasional sarcasm, this is a joke. 🙂

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Of all composers, past and present, I am the least learned. I mean that in all seriousness, and by learning I do not mean knowledge of music.

-Verdi, 1869