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One can never rest easy and think nothing will go wrong in a performance … even when it’s the final performance of a run and we should all know the parts extremely well. Today was a great example. There were little bloops, and bigger bloops, and it was just not a good day for poor old Verdi. Ah well. This happens. What I wish I could do but know I never will, though, is talk to some audience members. I’m just so curious—were they aware of the problems? Was it as obvious to them as it was to all of us? Does it ruin the opera for them? Trouble is, if I did ask, I might be the one to ruin a performance that, up until I opened my big mouth, they were very happy with. So of course I keep my mouth shut.

Fortunately I wasn’t having a bad day. And of course that’s what matters most. Right?

Obviously the audience had to know that one singer had to be pulled after the first act. I’m assuming he was ill because he’s my favorite singer in the bunch and, to my ears, the strongest. I would guess they put a note up on the supertitles screen explaining the replacement. We can’t see that, though, and I never do hear announcements when I’m in the orchestra room. Ah well. I do hope he’s okay. (He missed the performance on Friday night as well.)

And … to continue with my unnecessary ramble … it was also one mighty cold performance, although nothing can compare to last night’s misery at St. Joseph’s Cathedral. But today the string sections and in the woodwinds were freezing. (I saw our concertmaster pull out a chemical handwarmer packet and I’ve decided I’ll have to find this item because that sure would have helped these stiff hands!) The brass, who are located in the back of the pit, said they were quite comfortable. For the second and third acts I wore my raincoat. (Note to self: Always buy black coats so you can wear them in the freezing California Theatre pit!)

Now I have a day off. One day. After that it’s work every day until December 24. Wait. I’m lying. I have to confess there is one day that has only a party scheduled, but while I do look forward to it it’s also “work” because I’m an introvert and it takes quite a bit to get me out and about and have energy and all that jazz. (Yes, I’m that pathetic!) I plan on doing very little tomorrow, other than slacking off and puttering around with reeds a bit. Time will tell if my plan works!

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It may be a good thing to copy reality; but to invent reality is much, much better.

-Verdi, 1876