09. December 2005 · Comments Off on Reeds, You Cause Such Grief · Categories: imported, Ramble

Yesterday afternoon the reed I was using on Mozart’s Prague Symphony felt absolutely wonderful. “YES!” I thought, “I’ve found it, and it’s a keeper.”

Tonight it decided to cause me to worry and fret. It still works, but it just doesn’t feel like it did yesterday. What does it mean? Weather problems? Or is it cracked in a way that doesn’t appear yet?


These are the times I start thinking “Hmmm. I wonder what a “normal” job would feel like. I doubt I’d worry if my pens and pencils didn’t feel quite right.”

Some jobs are just jobs. This thing I do … it’s an ever-changing adventure.

At least I have no migraine today, though. So there’s a bit ‘o sunshine along with the little cloud of worry.

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