I was at Target today and saw the dollar movie stash there. Lo and behold! They have an old movie I watched as a child. When I watched it back then, I didn’t realize that the tunes were actually all Grieg tunes turned into song, but at some point later I figured it out. (It might have been when I was actually attempting to learn his Piano Concerto in A minor. Yes, I really was trying to learn this back in my junior high school days. After the most embarrassing performance of part of the work I took my leave of piano forever. The performance was that bad! Perhaps I’ll tell that painful story sometime. Perhaps not. I do know my junior high school band director told me he destroyed the tape for me.)

Anyway, I’ve now got The Pied Piper of Hamlin in the DVD player and it just makes me smile … nostalgia is such a wonderful thing!

I hadn’t realized that the movie’s dialogue was spoken in rhyme, nor did I know who Van Johnson was back then. Eventually I’ll have to watch the whole movie through—I seem to recall I was quite scared when the children disappeared.


  1. Scott Spiegelberg

    The apocryphal story is that the Pied Piper’s real name was Frederich von Spiegelberg, a distant relative.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    I didn’t even realize he was based on an actual person. Interesting!

    … but have you seen the movie? 😉