I have never put my oboe/case on the roof of the car. Never. There’s good reason for this. But it can happen. It was nice to read the whole story; at least it wound up all okay. I have left my oboe at restaurants, but I’ve always run back in to find it waiting for me. (And those restaurant incidents happened years ago.)

I have seen a saxophone run over by a car (I was in the car but I was not the driver) and I’ve heard of a violin that was run over and survived; the owner had it in what must have been a nearly indestructible case.

This little tidbit has been brought to you by pattyramble, who is avoiding getting the house cleaned and whose husband and son are putting off getting the tree in the house for decorating.

17. December 2005 · Comments Off on Music Quote · Categories: imported, Ramble

I totally fell asleep the last time I was at The Nutcracker. I fell asleep for a whole section of the second act.

-An adult Nutcracker attendee at our performance last night. Overheard on my way to the car.