Whew! I’m so tired. So VERY tired. I had difficulty even putting air through the English horn at some points at the 1:30 show. And I was reading one note and my fingers were deciding to play another. I had thought I’d get coffee before the show and I didn’t. That was a big mistake. My reeds are tired too. They want a day off … so hoorah for Monday! I was impressed that one parent took her child down to the pit and pointed to one of my instruments and said “That’s an English horn.” That’s rare to hear.

It’s a two Nutcracker day, and I’m home in between. I often go back and forth on whether it’s a good idea to come home. If I stay downtown I have to pay for dinner, and of course there’s no place to rest. I often get a nice dinner and I sometimes spend the time with a friend from the orchestra. This is good yet tiring. (As I’ve said, I’m an introvert—being sociable for so many hours is a killer.) But when I come home I often am not disciplined enough to rest so I end up cleaning. And of course the phone rings, and I check email, and I don’t really relax as i think I will.

But I’m home. And I’m sitting on the couch by our lovely decorated tree. I’m checking email, reading blogs, and writing this bit of drivvle. The TV is on. I’m not resting like I should.

Nothing new in pattyville.


  1. Sounds like your hall needs a performers’ lounge area with a small fridge and microwave and some couches.  🙂

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    That hall needs to be demolished! It’s the ugliest place ever. It usually stinks. There aren’t enough bathrooms. It’s a real dive. I’m ever-so-thankful to be in the newly refurbished California Theatre for opera and symphony. It’s only ballet and musical theatre that stick to the San Jose CPA

    Anyway, we have this big, ugly, noisy, cold room with only normal chairs, no couches in which to rest. I’d rather go home. (Home is a mere 10 minute drive away.)