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I have mentioned many times that I’m an introvert and going to parties can be exhausting. So tonight I went to a party that included some colleagues and friends … and I had such a good time! Now parties should always be fun, yes? But sometimes they are more obligatory than anything else. For some reason I was more comfortable adn relaxed at this party … and the food and company were great. So I was so happy to go to this one and have a wonderful time! Yay!

Now I’m back home and Jameson (our 16 year old) and I are watching portions of the Sondheim boxed set I bought myself for Christmas from some Christmas money I received. (As any reader here knows, I’m quite a Sondheim fan. Some of my music pals really dislike anything that isn’t considered “classical” but I just don’t care; I like what I like. And I yam what I yam!) Bernadette Peters is singing right now. She came and sang with the San Jose Symphony (RIP) once and I thoroughly enjoyed her … she was extremely professional, very kind and gracious, and an incredible performer. Ahhh … it just brings back such great memories! I miss the days when we could have opera, classical and Broadway stars come in on occasion. Those days are over … forever? I wonder. —time lapse&mdash We’ve moved on to A Little Night Music and again I’m nostalgic … I played this with our local musical theatre company and I’d love to do it again. What a wonderful musical! (If you should decide it’s a musical … some would suggest opera instead.) Oh … Send In The Clowns … oh … my goodness I’m missing Sondheim. And now Sunday, from Sunday in the Park with George … if anything can bring me to tears this song can. (I think, though, that the second act needs some updating. Is it just me? I do wonder.)

I will be seeing Into the Woods on December 28th. A local company is putting it on and I hear very good things about the production. Can’t wait!

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First is the San Francisco Chronicle review of The Nutcracker that I am playing. Hmmm. We can’t get these folks to review an opera or symphony down here … but they come to The Nutcracker … go figure! 🙂

Second, and maybe more important (?), is the Mercury News review both because it’s in San Jose and because these reviewers are kids who’ve danced in Nuts before, and are giving the kids’ eye review.

Music is the art of thinking with sounds.

-Jules Combarieu