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No one has ever tagged me before, so I’m just giddy with excitement! Thanks, Brian, for the invite … and Drew too! Woo hoo. (You like me, you really like me. Or something.)

So here goes …
Four jobs you’ve had in your life:
Winchell’s Donuts employee, Books Incorporated salesclerk and bookkeeper, Music librarian, Musician (There are more, but I guess I have to stop, eh?)

Four movies you could watch over and over:
Babette’s Feast, Branagh’s Henry V, Adam’s Rib, The Mission (but I hate this question because I’ll change my answer daily!)

Four places you’ve lived:
Pasadena, CA; three addresses in San Jose, CA (well, if I can cheat it’s been four … but that’s IT … only five residences in my life, if you can believe that.) UPDATE … how could I have forgotten the 3 months of dorm experience and 3 other months of a dive of an apartment … oops! Again, in San Jose, though. But since that’s far over the limit of four I suppose I should have said Pasadena and all else in San Jose.

Four TV shows you love to watch:
Arrested Development; Law & Order; CSI; Monk (Yes, I’m sorry … I have bad taste in TV I suppose.)

Four places you’ve been on vacation:
Scotland & England (high school orchestra trip); Sierra Nevada (backpacking in my younger days — up to Mt. Whitney, in fact); Seattle, WA; New York, NY (and oh how I want to return!)

Four websites you visit daily:
Arts Journal; About Last Night; Kelsey’s site; Adaptistration (This question doesn’t really work for me, though … I visit MANY more sites every single day. Honest.)

Four of your favorite foods:
huevos rancheros; flautas; chicken cacciatore; split pea soup (with a bit of sherry and a dash of sour cream)

Four places you’d rather be:
New York; Scotland; Italy (my dream … sigh); Greece

Thanks, Drew and Brian!

Sarah … wanna give it a go? (I’d also ask Terminal Degree, but I figure you want to remain anonymous and this might give away too much information, yes?)

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I have SIX performances of Nutcracker left. (There are actually seven remaining, but I’m skipping the final, December 24, show.) Six performances … in only THREE days. That’s right—we have three doubles in a row. This is fairly brutal. I don’t believe I’ve ever done three doubles in a row before, although I know when I was doing Boheme we had recording sessions on days with shows so it probably added up to something even more difficult and exhausting. Still, the next three days will be quite the challenge.

And the really sad news is I have no more Tchaikovsky (Chaikovsky, Tschaikovsky, Tchaikowsky … take your pick, I don’t really care!) quotes to share. I’ll keep looking around though … and if any of you have some, you can certainly let me know!

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I saw the Nutcracker to be a dummy as I thought of its mouth moving like a nutcracker – and also find them pretty scary as they almost have a life of their own.

-Matthew Bourne