20. December 2005 · Comments Off on And Now … · Categories: imported, Ramble

I have SIX performances of Nutcracker left. (There are actually seven remaining, but I’m skipping the final, December 24, show.) Six performances … in only THREE days. That’s right—we have three doubles in a row. This is fairly brutal. I don’t believe I’ve ever done three doubles in a row before, although I know when I was doing Boheme we had recording sessions on days with shows so it probably added up to something even more difficult and exhausting. Still, the next three days will be quite the challenge.

And the really sad news is I have no more Tchaikovsky (Chaikovsky, Tschaikovsky, Tchaikowsky … take your pick, I don’t really care!) quotes to share. I’ll keep looking around though … and if any of you have some, you can certainly let me know!

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