First of all …


And two days. Nice! The kids are awfully cute, leaning over and oohing and ahhing at the instruments. Some like to tell us what they play. Some like to show that they know the names of the instruments, while others are asking what they are.

But I’m sure glad to get today’s second show over. During intermission I suddenly had a horrendous allergy attack. I couldn’t stop sneezing. My eyes itched horribly. And I felt like I couldn’t hear quite right.

It is extremely difficult to play oboe or English horn and sneeze at the same time. That is a fact.

Um. No. That’s wrong. I lied.

It is impossible to play oboe or English horn and sneeze at the same time!

I was feeling so darn good about how things were feeling too. The reeds were happy. I wasn’t fatigued. It was nice … for the first half. Ah well. That’s show biz. (Or whatever you call this thing I do.)

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  1. Probably was one of those cute kids who passed  their viral bug on to you. (I was never so sick in my life as the year I worked in a Middle School band program.)  Susan