22. December 2005 · Comments Off on Why, Why, Why? · Categories: imported, Ramble

I spell my first name with a y. A good number of people don’t realize that, and of course it’s easy to make that “i” mistake. But even some of my family members don’t realize this fact that has been so for 49 years, one month, and three days. But now I have made it public; I spell my name “Patty” not “Patti”. And if I had it to do over again I’d be “Patricia” because “Patty” sounds so darn whiney. But it’s too late for me to change now. Don’tcha think?

Now you know. This is news you can use.

And “Mitchell” is with two l’s (is that apostrophe necessary? I only use it because it’s easier to read that way) not one. I can’t tell you how many times I’m asked that question, and yet I’ve never seen Mitchell spelled with one l.

What this has to do with music is fairly small, but some of my oboe students are still spelling my name incorrectly on checks. Maybe this will help …?

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