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In all my years as a professional oboist, I’ve never played a summer music festival. (I played in Midsummer Mozart Festival Orchestra for a good number of years, but even though it was a festival and was in the summer all the musicians commuted from their homes.) But you know the sort I’m talking about—it’s kind of like a paid vacation except you end up working (playing) like crazy. Still, it’s somewhere other than home, you get to do something you love in a new place (preferably a lovely location), it doesn’t cost you any money, and you might even bring home a wee bit of income. Or at least I think that’s how it works.

And I’ve never done one. I was asked once, but my children were very young and I didn’t want to leave them.

Now I want to do one, at least once, before I die.

So I can dream, can’t I?

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Woo hoo! I just landed on this page, which is an article on one of my favorite conductors, Constantine Kitsopoulos. He just began a new opera company, the Chatham Opera. Very cool … and I wish him the best in this new endeavor.

Hey, Constantine, need an extra oboist? [grin] (Constantine’s wife, Lynne Cohen, is an excellent oboist, by the way.)

The quote below is proof that Mr. Sondheim is partial to oboists.


(I just wish his orchestrators were partial enough to write more “straight books”. And no, that’s not a dig at homosexuals, although I once offended someone horribly until I explained the term; a “straight book” is a book that includes only oboe and it’s direct relatives (English horn, oboe d’amore, bass oboe) rather than a book that includes flute, clarinet, sax and/or bassoon.)

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I prefer neurotic people. I like to hear rumblings beneath the surface.

-Stephen Sondheim