The quote below is proof that Mr. Sondheim is partial to oboists.


(I just wish his orchestrators were partial enough to write more “straight books”. And no, that’s not a dig at homosexuals, although I once offended someone horribly until I explained the term; a “straight book” is a book that includes only oboe and it’s direct relatives (English horn, oboe d’amore, bass oboe) rather than a book that includes flute, clarinet, sax and/or bassoon.)


  1. I’m right behind you!  I’m working on a Soundheim book now and my eyes (and fingers!) are pretty permanantly crossed…


  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Ah … do you double, Sarah?

    I am a great admirer of Sondheim. I just wish more musicals allowed me to play them. My fave is Sunday in the Park with George (well, the first act) … but it’s a doubling book. Sigh. I even talked the orchestrator of that work once and told him I was disappointed.