So if you google Patricia + sneezing this is the #1 site. Go figure. Another person landed here doing a search on poem good enough isn’t. Whatever that means.

But the majority people who arrive here are searching on all things double reeds; they are looking for reed making information or they are searching on a particular double reed player. Sometimes they are looking for oboe pictures or oboe poetry, and sometimes they are looking for auditions or audition material. I don’t get a lot of bizarre searches landing here. Too bad … those are the most fun. I can tell you that most of my double reed colleagues in the Bay Area have had searches done on them. I always wonder what they are looking for … or if my colleagues are just looking out in internet world to see what is being said about them. C’mon, you do it too, don’t you? Of course doing a search on Patricia Mitchell doesn’t bring me to my sites at all.

But anyway, when you land here, feel free to say “hi”. I’m often on IM (patioboe), you can always email me at oboe at speakeasy dot net, and of course if you become a member you can use the discuss option below a post.

Speaking of members I must apologize to all members. Something is quite messed up, and if you click on the link to your name when you enter a comment it doesn’t take you to yourself. Argh. I haven’t a clue how to fix that. Something’s definitely messed up there. I’m so sorry. 🙁


  1. My favorite search that brought someone to my blog was “clarinet
    porn”.  All sorts of things went through my mind trying to figure
    out what they were really hoping to see.  “Eeeewwwwww” was the
    final verdict.  😉


  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Ewwww, indeed! I don’t even wanna go there.

    I used to get a few bizarre searches landing at my site, but it seems they are all pretty normal for the most part nowadays. Guess I’m pretty darn boring.