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Since I decided to rename Scott Spiegelberg (I typed in Spiegelman, if I remember correctly) I thought now would be a good time to talk about my name.

Because, as everyone knows who knows me, I can turn absolutely anything into something about me. It’s a talent. I run with it. Ya gotta run with something you’re good at … don’t you?

Anyway, my name is Patty. Or Patricia. It is not Pat. It is not Patti. It is not Pattie. It’s also not Palredio. (I got mail addressed to Palredio Mitchell years and years ago.) I’m Patty or Patricia Mitchell. It’s not Mitchel, and it’s not Mitchelle.

I know this is life changing news for some of you, but there you go. I’m sure you can take this information and do something useful with it. You could, for instance, make checks out to Patricia Mitchell and send them to me. Or gifts. Gifts will work too. And, most importantly, you can send reeds. My contact address is on this page.

Yes, I’m just sitting here typing nonsense. I can’t help myself; I’ve been sent to my room by my 16 year old son. He and some friends are working on a video project for their English class and, well, having your old mother sitting there watching you do video work is so … like … UNCOOL. Especially when two of the four students are very cute girls.

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So if you google sneezing + allergy + blog you’ll see my site on the first page. Is this weird? I think so. I think it is very weird. If you google oboe you won’t find me for quite a few pages. I think I was #54, in fact (which means 5 pages in). Hmmm. Does this mean something?

… that anyone would get this test wrong. So please, if you do, let me know! Or not.

I found this via Scott Spiegelberg’s site right here.

And yes, I know I’m a musician and I’d better get 100% correct on the test (which I did). I suppose some folks don’t hear the mistakes, but it’s just really difficult for me to imagine. Of course if a mathematician gave me a test I know I’d totally bungle everything up and I suppose he or she would be baffled by my inability to understand the problems. But still … everyone hears music and it just seems too easy to me. Am I totally naive? You may let me know that as well. Or not.

The test was fun, though. I laughed out loud several times. I suspect you will too.

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… and yet I’m sure there are still errors and I am missing information. So if you go to the page that lists all the Double Reed Musicians in American Symphony Orchestras and you see something wrong, please do let me know!

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This is going around the music world right now:

Last night at rehearsal the oboe player, who constantly sucks on her reed during rests and between selections, inadvertently inhaled and swallowed her reed. I immediately called the emergency room and asked what I should do. Without hesitation the nurse said, “Use a muted trumpet instead.”

Then again, if you aren’t into pictures like the one I wrote about yesterday, this picture of Dan’s is another of my faves.

(I promise I won’t turn this into a bragging site about Dan’s pictures. Really. I just figured some of you might enjoy his work.)

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To do anything artistically you have to acquire technique, but create through your technique and not with it.

-Stephen Nachmanovitch